Nepal heading towards Republic

April 17, 2006

The fight for democracy and civil rights has become the destiny of Nepal's people. Yet again, we are witnessing an uprising. The recklessand autocratic action of King Gyanandra on February 1, 2005 has spurred the agitation that aims to end his autocracy in the country,once and for all. With the support of a strong army, the king has won previous battles for power, but the common people of Nepal cannot allow him to win the war.

14 years ago, the Nepalese people brought forth a multi-party, parliamentary democracy established by the popular movement. The Nepalese people have tasted freedom and are no longer content to accept the military dictatorship of this king. For this reason, people from all walks of life from youths to professionals have united against the king for the common goal of democracy.

The king's way of governing has been to crush the peaceful and non-violent actions with batons and bullets. Kathmandu Valley has turned into a battlefield. Security forces have been firing indiscriminately in the peaceful processions held by students, doctors, lawyers, artists, and other professionals.

More than a dozen people have died, hundreds of others are gravely injured, and thousands of political activists are in police custody. The people's right to protest peacefully has been hijacked by the royal regime. Still, ordinary people such as apolitical housewives and senior citizens are carrying on the fight. They have taken to the streets crying out for the formation of a Republic of Nepal. They refuse to submit to the king's will.

The Nepalese people have chosen to defy the latest curfew imposed by the government. The message has reached far beyond the Kathmandu Valley. Thousands of common people from the remote villages of Nepal are raising their fists against a king who behaves like a dictator, and in favor of a Republic of Nepal.

We are appealing to all civilized communities of the world to extend their hands in support of Nepal's ongoing struggle for democracy. Civil societies, trade unions, and political parties are requested to lobby for the peaceful purpose of changing this Himalayan Kingdom into a republic state. Help grant the Nepali people the right to liberty from an autocratic regime.

The people of Nepal wish to join the world community and democratic ideals of the 21st century. The Nepali people are determined to reach this goal. With the aid of the world community, we believe that democracy can be achieved and bring an end to the casualties inflicted upon this region.

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3 Responses to “Nepal heading towards Republic”

  1. sunil Says:

    Dear G. Shahjee

    Thanks for creating the website.


  2. ramdeep Says:

    Dear Ganeshji,
    Thank you very much for creating the website.I appreciate your creativity and putiing samsamayic news on the website

  3. kaushal Says:

    sir,what do u think?the system in which you are minister now is good or the system run by autocrat gyanendra sah was good?yes ,ur reply will be the system in which u r doing reply is same.but say me what good your goverment has done againse the gyanendra’s autocarcy.then also,people kidnaped,killed,exploitated and feared and now also.difference is then some panchayas were,army and some autocrats n now youth communist like youth force and ycl do,and now saying madhesi revolters does.people havent got any benificiary from republic,only if nepalese people are happy,safe and peace is there,we can say we are victorious over gyanendra.if nt..then jo jogi aaye pani kaney chireko.

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