Dream for Higher Education is not easy

August 7, 2006

It is easy to pass School Leaving Certificate, known as Iron Gate for Nepalese students, in the first division but the way of higher education seems dark. This is the real fact for those students who are suffering the poverty in Nepal.

Chandra Dev Malli, a Dom (low cast people in Nepalese Society) has passed S.L.C. with 71 percent of marks, but now struggling to join higher education due to the poverty. He is from the Malangwa, a headquarter of Sarlahi District, and probably the first Dom citizen to pass the S.L.C. The tragic doesn’t end here, he is even unable to get his certificate due to the lack of just NRS. 1500. He has still due of NRS. 1110 in his school. He may be the first Dom citizen to pass S.L.C. in Nepal.

15 Dom families are there in Malangwa and almost 595 Dom peoples in the district. They generate money for their food and living by clearing Public Toile, Roads and by managing the dead body of animals.

“I have done my best for his school study by doing such a low level work like toilet and road clearing”, he said in the sad mood, “I have already taken a loan of Rs. 40,000, then how can I manage the money for his further study?” He requests to manage his son’s study for the higher education.


5 Responses to “Dream for Higher Education is not easy”

  1. NRN-USA Says:


    Doesn’t the government have funds for the development of such under-privileged people? Millions of dollars are poured from abroad for these kind of people through NGOs and INGO’s, yet it seems it’s all going down the drain.

  2. nepali Says:


    Imagine our “dom” graduating from college, but what after that? Do you think he is going get any jobs? Do think a college degree in Nepal suffice to lead a normal life? Hell no!

    Here in US unemployment rate of 6.5% is considered as a greatest depression since the the great depression of 1940’s! I bet nepal now has more than 20% people unemployed!!

    In order to overcome that, I see the need for the people for vocational training. Traning people to build watches, TV, or being a plumber or a techician. This could help people get self employed,..however this should be done in decentralized manner..

    Nepal is not just kathmandu or pokhara!!

    Ministers such as you should set an example..you should travel more often outside of kathmandu and feel the real Nepal!!

  3. ametya Says:

    Ganesh Sir,
    You just pointed out . It would be more nice if you have done something for him since you have the power and know the problem too. you Should come out with solutions too.

  4. kaushal Says:

    solutions should be made for these things.but,personally i think govt must free education upto 12 class.some vocational training should bealso given so as students can learn both earning and taking education.this will help to reduce some problem to the students like malli.thank u for the news.

  5. Bikash Shah Says:

    Is there anyway I can help on this? I am willing to finance his study to the best of what I can… is there anyway I can contact him?


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