Environment, Science and Technology

September 1, 2008

I wanted to share with everyone that I have been appointed as a Minister of Environment, Science and Technology in the current cabinet. I was sworn in yesterday at Shital Niwas by the Prime Minister. I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity during a historic time in our country.

I wanted to take this moment to thank my family, friends and comrades for your help and support.  In the next few months, I will be sharing my vision and ideas through this blog and use this channel as an open platform to share and exchange ideas on new Environmental and Technology initiatives.  We must work together towards strengthening and creating technology to uplift socio-economic development by building human and institutional capacity and bridging the gap of the “digital divide”.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone soon.

Thank you,

Ganesh Shah


26 Responses to “Environment, Science and Technology”

  1. Chandra Says:

    I would like to congratulate our Minister. Please try to florish the needness of Science in our society. Try to stop Brain Drain.

    Wish a goodluck for your success in this ministry.


  2. Keshuvko Says:

    Dear Minister Shah,
    I am really amazed to see your blog. Hopefully, you will continue with it.

  3. Basant Giri Says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for being appointed as a minister of Env Sci and Technology of Nepal. I didn’t know your background before and I am please to know that you are from Engineering field. This means you know the importance of science and technology for the development of Nation and you better understand the importance of Env. I don’t expect you will drastically change the status of Science and Technology in Nepal because this is coalition government and its main job is to make new constitution but in the mean time you can formulate and purpose at least Science and Technology policy of the country.

    Many of my friends in abroad who are doing their MS and PhD really want to go back to Nepal and work and live in our own land. I hope you will do something to open a way for us to go to Nepal.

  4. Congratulations Mr. Minister on having a blog. Its a very good thing that a minister has his own blog. This is a very good way to communicate with the citizens.

    Congratulations again and Thanks for providing us the opportunity to directly interact with you.

  5. Adipti Gupta Says:

    Congratulations to you for being the Minister of Environment, Science and Technology. And also nice to see that a minister also using a blog. it is really great. Have a good day Sir!

  6. YogendrA OkhaldhungE Says:

    Dear Hon. Minister, First of all, I would like to Congratulate U for being the minister of Republic of Nepal. I had a chance to meet you immediately you sworn in as minister. U may not remember @CNI’s Economic Summit. Anyway, we Nepalese hope the science N technology ministry will be establishing as an example for making Prosperous Nepal. Plz Plz do something to advance this ministry to create more opportunities with in the country, and stop brain-drain…Namaskar!!

  7. Abain Khadka Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Minister and wish you all the best in your upcoming moment of life. I have heard somewhere in the national newspaper that you did come from engineering field. And we the student of engineering and information technology’s hope to get successful chance in Nepal to built our nation in computerized system. And we the student of Software engineering (Who had already done BIT & Masters in information technology and computer application) willing to get chance to build our nation… Good luck to you…

  8. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar Says:

    Congratulations Honorable Minister for having a blog.
    Allen Bailochan Tuladhar
    Country Manager
    Microsoft MDP Nepal

  9. Suresh Regmi Says:

    First of all, congratulations for being S&T Minister in this historic moment of New Nepal. It was nice to know that you had a blog through Gorakhapatra today. Since you are yourself an ICT friendly engineer, our hopes have been raised that you are going to do a lot to the cause of ICT sector in Nepal.

    The following are some of the issues in ICT sector to be resolved immediately:
    – We should be able to use ICT as a tool for development of New Nepal.
    – Policies, Acts, Regulations related with
    * Increasing GON spending in ICT system as a part of e-governance system for good governance
    * Incentives to increase domestic and foreign investments in ICT sector to earn foreign currency exporting ICT (H/W, S/W and Services)
    – E-Governance project is in the offing with Technical Assistance from Asian Development Bank. The kind of projects envisaged in the project document can be mostly handled by present Nepalese ICT companies. However, with ADB’s minimum qualification requirements, most of the ICT companies in Nepal will not be able to participate without asking foreign ICT companies being the main bidder.
    – IT Park
    – Chief Information Officers (CIO) in GON and ICT as special sector for career path in GON
    – Organization restructuring in GON related with ICT Sector – HLCIT, NITC, MOEST, PMO, MOIC, NTA
    – Electronic Transaction & E-payment system – Policy, Acts and Infrastructure.

    More can be discussed and solutions to be found among the ICT communities in Nepal.

    Hopeful for something to start these issues resolved.


    Suresh Regmi
    Past President, IT Professional Forum

  10. Kosh R Says:

    Dear Minister Shah,

    I am really happy to that you have a blog. [I think you are the only minister in Nepal to have a blog of this sort] Just keep up posting your ideas in the blog so that we can together discuss about them and move towards implementing the ideas that are best suited to the needs of our country. I am confident that we can bring about perceptible change in the country in a matter of few years should we all work together.

    Wish you all the best.

  11. gshah Says:

    Dear All,
    Thank you everyone for the wishes.

    We together only could bring change in the Environment, Science & Technology sector in Nepal. Hope to get more and more opinions and suggestions from you all so that it would assist me to work better and bring some changes in Nepal.


    Er. Ganesh Shah

  12. gshah Says:

    Dear Regmijee,
    Thank you for pointing out the issues in the ICT sector. I would definately put this issues in the concerned place and try to implement as far as possible.


    Er. Ganesh Shah

  13. Zadexpress Says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere Mr. Minister! It was a pleasant surprise to come across a blog owned by the Minister of Envt, Science and Technology himself! This surely is a good sign, given the fact that our ministers have often been condemned of not being updated on matters concerning their area of work itself. I hope you have time to update your blog and are open to ideas and discussions here .

    Congratulations and good luck for your term in the Ministry.

  14. kp dhungana Says:

    Ganesh sir, first of all congrachulation and goodluck yout ministry.
    It’s a greatsurprize for ma that u r a blogger too 🙂
    It’s a good and amizing sign for Nepaliblogger.
    Plz regularly Update ur blog we are thirsty for reading ur blog

  15. Honorable Minister:

    I have posted the photographs from the students event in my facebook. Should you be interested, you can see there here: http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=60222&id=502148097

    From the PC of
    Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Manager
    PO Box 956, Unlimited Building, Khichapokhari, Opp Pashupati Plaza, Kathmandu, NEPAL
    Phone: 977-1-2011302/3 * Fax: 15618923893 * Email: v-allent@microsoft.com

  16. Navin Says:

    Hello Sir,
    You’ve become a historic minister of historic government. This country deserves revolution in technology and information sector. Hope you won’t disgrace the projects in favor of technology like once Kamal Thapa turned down similar project.
    Take advice from people like Mahabir Poon and Muni Bahadur Shakya. Help them for their righteous efforts. Don’t suppress their words like old regime did.

    Best of luck, Minister!!!

    First Tech blogger from Nepal

  17. gshah Says:

    Dear Navinjee,
    I prefer and love to take advice from people like Mahabir Pun. Even I have personally met with him and talked with him how to progress the ICT in Nepal. If people like you are here, I belive the Science and Technology field would definatley grow in Nepal.

    Ganesh Shah

  18. Bibek Says:

    Honorable Minister,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on being appointed as Minister at MoEST. I am concerned with the issues put forward by Suresh ji in your blog. It’s true that ADB ICT project is a good starting for ICT Development of Nepal. There is no doubt our local industries should be promoted. But our private sector is only concerned with bidding project that is already funded. There many successful ICT projects carried out in models like PPP, BOOT in many developing countries like ours. It’s the time our private sector should come up with aggressive proposal for implementing ICT projects. Suresh ji, please don’t think that ADB projects is the only and one ICT project which can promote our local industry. ADB is going to fund just few projects; there are many sectors untouched by ADB project. So, I urge private sector to come up with proposal for implementing those left hundreds of ICT/eGovernment projects in models like PPP, BOOT where u can make lots of money and truly contribute in development of New Nepal. So, please stop concerning only on tenders …but starts working to push government enter into diverse arena where we can use ICT for public service delivery and as tool for development of New Nation.
    Thank you minister for providing an opportunity to direct raise our concern to you thru this blog.
    New York, US

  19. Dnesh Says:

    I am really elated to know that our Ministers are using blogs as a medium to keep in touch with concerned citizens and this certainly is the good use of technology that could have been wasted.

    I would like to congratulate Er. Ganesh Shah Ji for being appointed as Minister of EST. I hope your tenure will more focus on basics and long term goals in the development and conservation fields of Nepal.


  20. leela Says:

    Hon’ble Minister

    This is secretary of information and communication. I am maintaining a site since last 11 months. If any of the users of this site want to visit my site too and post their comments/suggestions they are most welcome. May I link your blod with mine so that any one visiting one of the sites easily know or access to the other site.
    There are some cross cutting issues in Information and communication ministry with the Ministry of science and technology, we can make a common plateform for discussion.

  21. gshah Says:

    Dear Leelajee,
    It would be nice linking both the sites as Science & Technology and Information & Communication are interlinked..

  22. minkadel Says:

    dear sir , first of all how do you do ? first time you are good minister . i like your view and your right choice environment ministry .iam min kadel 24 years old . ilike natural environmental and sociel work . iam studing and working this time . iam studing national institute of open schooling in delhi now in kathmandu .dear sir , people are not serious for environment . iam challenge for this job . nepal is poor country every body know .dear sir , so many children poor we have this time , and poor family , iwant to help poor children and poor family , dear sir , iwant help better biodiversity . iwill start one foundation .this foundation help poor children for education and pooor family and better biodiversity . when people serious then good environment . dear sir this foundatin help mostly environment . this time have research remote area . sir iwas collected polythin , reuse things, iwas collectted old meterial , paper every thing iwant to sell thing save the money in fund we can help this money better biodiversity . when people educated then good serious environment .dear sir iwant to you envited my program coming soon . plese accept . how do you think about this program sir ?
    min kadel
    kathmandu nepal

  23. minkadel Says:

    dear sir , iwill started own foundation this jun july . this time ihave research remote area.
    thanks sir

  24. minkadel Says:

    plese give suggestion how can ido? thanks sir iam realy proud of you > iwant toyou meet . my dream is invironmentalist . ithink are you secend allgore in nepal .
    thank support me

  25. I was really impressed with your saying that I studied in Nagarik Dainik last week. Your innitiatives and new video conference system in your ministry is appreciative. I found you Mr.Shah as a nation loving and truly devoted person. I would request you to continue with new plans in developing science status of Nepal.

    It would be great if our country plans a helpful curriculum in science right from class nursery. Once again I wish for your further success in technology field.

    Yours Sincerely

  26. shruti regmi Says:

    Please give me some suggestion how can i get some job in this sector.

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