Seminar on Role of Research in Hydro Power Development in KU, Dhulikhel

October 6, 2008

Inaguartion of the Event

Inaguration of the Event

The Seminar was organized in Kathmandu University on the topic ” Role of Research in Hydropower Development”. In the seminar, the Norwegian Delegates from SINTEF demonstrated their plan for their role in the research and assistance in the KU. The assistance of the Norwegian government and the other organizations were shown in the seminar.


Inaguartion of the Event


2 Responses to “Seminar on Role of Research in Hydro Power Development in KU, Dhulikhel”

  1. आकार Says:

    yeah, in KU…
    and me myself student of KU.
    ….reality is that,in most of cases, all are limited within seminar… no action..
    …hope from Norwegian, we student of KU will be benifited…
    thanks !

  2. NRN-USA Says:

    Government has not been able to channel the funds properly to the universities. As a consequence, there is an ineffable disparity in the level of research at our universities and at the universities abroad. If we expect to develop our country then, graduates at home should be prepared and sought for nation-building through appropriate research and training. But, research grants are clearly non-existent in our universities.

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