NRN Day celebrated in Janakpur

October 25, 2008




Tthe NRN Day 2008 was organized in Janakpur .The event was being organized in Janakpur meant great significance to the locals and created much excitement. Despite being a city of historical renown, Janakpur has been on a steady decline and this event restored some of the pride back to the city.

Furthermore, this was the first NRN convention to be organized outside Kathmandu.

The main road running through Janakpur was cordoned off for hours as President Yadav arrived to inaugurate the program. The program itself had started on Sunday but the inauguration was scheduled for Monday. President Yadav duly delivered his staple message about the need for national unity while celebrating the diversity of the country.He expressed commitment to drafting the constitution on time and urged the NRNs to contribute positively to the peace process. Investments by NRNs will bring prosperity and economic development, he said.

The joint inaugural session included speeches by Minister for Works and Transport Bijay Kumar Gacchedhar, NRN advisor Kul Chandra Gautam, and FNCCI chairperson Kush Kumar Joshi, among others. 

The theme of this year’s NRN convention was “NRN in Local Transformation”. Following the joint inaugural session, two separate technical sessions were held.

The first technical session, titled “Economic Development and Local Transformation”, was chaired by Minister of Science and Technology Ganesh Shah. Minister Shah said there was a dire need for a scientific revolution in Nepal. He urged NRNs to contribute to the process with their knowledge and skills that they have acquired through their international experience.The session also included some scholarly presentations by experts. Dr. Bishwamber Pyuakurel highlighted the role of NRNs in minimizing the restraints on economic development in the current context. Similarly, Dr. Bhogendra Jha spoke specifically of the development of Janakpur and the role that NRNs could play in bringing about positive transformation to the town. Ratan Jha, also the chairperson of Association of Nepali Taraians in America (ANTA), said that it was necessary for the diaspora and Nepali residents to share and transfer knowledge and skills, which could be put to good use to transform the country. Usha Sharma emphasized the role of women and the importance of their participation in local transformation.

The second session, chaired by Minister of Local Development Ram Chandra Jha, was titled “Non Resident Nepalis and Local Transformation”. 

Perhaps the most significant happenings at the program were the various charitable acts done by the NRNs themselves. President Yadav posthumously facilitated Ram Swaroop and Ram Sagar Sah, founders of the RR Campus. Canada resident Aditya Jha pledged to donate 100 laptops to Sarswati Secondary School, whose alumuni include President Yadav himself. An ambulance was provided to a local youth club. Another NRN, Ram Sah pledged to construct an auditorium with a 800 person capacity behind Janaki Mandir, a much needed facility.

Daulat Jha


5 Responses to “NRN Day celebrated in Janakpur”

  1. gshah Says:

    In my session, Prof. Dr. Bishwamber Pyuakurel presented a paper on “Removing Growth Constraints: Investigating the role of NRN”. It was a more of technical presentation with the present and past economic analysis. Dr. Pyuakurel presented the data on broad and narrow money, currency circulation, remittance and GDP. He described the present budget as explanisary fiscal policy.
    Another eminent speaker was Prof. Dr. Bhogendra Jha. He described the dualistic model in economy. He insisted that the major problem in Nepal was disparity, whether it be in political, economical or any other factor. He described the current situation of the Janakpur and urged the government to initiate necessary steps for improvement.
    Ratan Jha, NRN-NACC presented a paper on “Skill & Knowledge Transfer for Local Development: NRN Prespective”. He insisted on trans-nationational enterpreneurship, Public private partnership and brain circulation. He urged the govt. to create a high level knowledge commission including, accomplished NRNs in varied fields.

    Another speaker, Mrs. Usha Sharma, NRN Germany emphasised on role of women in development. She examplified how women have been neglected in all scenario and now the situation should be changed. She urged the Nepali women to involve more and more in activities and urged all Nepali to support it.
    Lastly, I summed up the session urging NRNs to create investment friendly environment. The NRNs should invest on risky projects if they really want to develop their nation. As government has already initiated the e-governance, I have requested all the NRNs to provide necessary support for it. In the IT world like today, I urged them to start e-movement, i.e. email, internet movement. Reminding them of the ILO-169 policy, I recommened them to effectively utilize their resources.

  2. Basanta Says:

    मन्त्रीज्यू, नमस्ते! तपाईँको ब्लग पढ्न पाउँदा खुशी लाग्यो। तपाईँहरुजस्ता नीति-निर्माताहरुले यसरी आफ्नो विचारलाई ब्लगका मार्फत जनताका सामु राख्नु र अन्तर्कृयाका लागि तयार हुनु निश्चयपनि अत्यन्त सकारात्मक कुरा हो। नियमित रुपमा पढ्ने छु।

    तपाईँको ब्लग र तपाईँलाई सफलताको लागि हार्दिक शुभकामना!

  3. you have any new news send me i will add on the website and are you see modle of janakpur is here …

  4. NRN-USA Says:

    Honorable Minister Gaurav Shah,

    I have to admit, I am really glad to come across your blog. It has given me some hope that Janakpur will not be neglected for perpetuity. Youths like me earnestly desire and aspire to come back and work for the developement of Janakpur and Nepal,as a whole, let’s not be partial. I am impressed by your visions and commitments. I want to thank and encourage you in this regard. However, I wanted to know what specifically your plans are to speed up the stagnant growth of Janakpur and provide employment to the scores and scores of unemplyed youth of Janakpur. My inquisition should be taken positively rather than as a criticism.

  5. NRN-USA Says:

    Oh…I am sorry for quoting your name wrong.(Gaurav Shah instead of Ganesh Shah);)

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