Son’s Wedding

December 15, 2008


Family Picture after my son’s wedding on the 23rd November 2008 in Dharan, Nepal. Left to Right standing Kalyanee Shah (wife), Ganesh Shah (me), Satya Kala Rai (Samdihini), Purna Bd Rai (Samdhi), Dr. Amrit Rai (daughter in law’s brother). Sitting from left Pankaj Shah (son), Dr. Pujan Rai (daughter-in-law (Buhari)) and Yansi (family dog).


12 Responses to “Son’s Wedding”

  1. Rishi Acharya Says:

    Ganesh sir Sasura Bhaya ko ma Badhai cha. Pankaj ji lai pani badhai. Rishi

  2. Kanak Says:

    Congratulations uncle…….

  3. tirahut Says:

    Cross marriage is good for society, but forgetting our culture is eliminating yourself. Manti jee apne ke beta ke dhaka topi ta lagadene chiyai, putoh ke madhesiya pahiran lagadeti ta gajab ke jodi rahatiyai.
    We do need to respect other’s culture, but please do not forget yours


  4. kaushal chaudhary.rajbiraj Says:

    tirahut ji ke baath se humhoon sahmat chiye.agar madhesi style mein biha bhel rahtiye th bahut khushi ke baath.tabo,ahan ke ghar mein putoh jahen beti abey ke khushi mein ahaan ke lakh lakh badhai aa pankaj bhaijee ke seho.liye wo beta ke madhesi mein nai kareiliye..lekin hamara lel khojiyo jaldi se.hmaro umar bha gayle.nai th ki pata je hum moscow ke ladki se vivah kair li.aie kail ke baccha bucchi par bishwas nai karbak chahi.

  5. Suraj Rai Says:

    Hey Pankaj (Pinky) congratulation on your wedding….mero pani sasurali dharan nai ho ni bro….maybe we’ll meet someday in dharan 🙂 take care buddy

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