50 Laptops distributed in Yagyamati School, Kapan.

January 5, 2009

Yagyamati Secondary School, a community school in Kapan, began a digitalised classroom education from today, replacing textbooks, blackboards, notebooks and pens with laptops.
Fifty laptops (35 for students and 15 to launch digital literacy campaign) were provided free of cost to each sixth grader in the school for classroom education today under the pilot project of Computing-One-on-One (CO3) launched by Microsoft with its local partners Unlimited NuMedia and Intel and supported by the Department of Education (DoE).
The rugged and durable ClassMate PC laptops are loaded with applications and features designed for One-on-One learning on a direct and continuous basis throughout the school days and beyond. The CO3 project intends to empower students with anytime and anywhere learning opportunities.
Students and teachers in the school are connected through a wireless system in the class where teachers will be able to broadcast engaging visual animations and videos from the vast repository of specially designed digital curriculum. Teachers will be able to give personal attention to every students, as each student will be connected to the teacher through the wireless system.
It will encourage active involvement of each student in the classroom. The teacher will also be able to monitor the laptops of every students which will help them control the class effectively and gain attention of the students.

Speaking in the occasion were the representative from Microsoft, Mr. Haza Sheriff, Educom Representative, Mrs. Sonia Handa, Intel Representative, Mr. Ravi Aggarwal, Education Director, Mr. Mahasarm Sharma, Education Ministry Secretary, Mr. Thapa, Microsoft Nepal Representative, Mr. Allen Tuladhar, Member of Constituent Assembly, Mr. Gagan Thapa and Principal and founder of school.

Leap to the IT sector in Nepal

Leap to the IT sector in Nepal

The distributed laptops

The distributed laptops


One Response to “50 Laptops distributed in Yagyamati School, Kapan.”

  1. abhinav Says:

    digital literacy campaign is excellent method to grow literacy rate of nepal.

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