Govt is working towards constructing e-Nepal, says Shah

February 28, 2009

Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Ganesh Shah, Wednesday, said that the government has begun process to digitally transform the legislative body of the country in order to make it more efficient, according to media sources.

Speaking at a program organised in the capital Shah revealed that his ministry will apply ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in modus operandi of sectors such as the parliamentary system and the judiciary system to propel the country towards the path of e-governance. “The government will slowly embrace the concept of e-parliament and e-judiciary,” he added.

He also stressed on the need to expand e-literacy related programmes in every nook and corner of the country. “Enabling every citizen to have access to ICT is one of the prerequisites to ensure a better and prosperous nation,” states Shah. Dec 31 08


5 Responses to “Govt is working towards constructing e-Nepal, says Shah”

  1. Brady Says:

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  2. Madhu Lohani Says:

    IT is good to listen. But what capacity your government has to do the said job?

  3. staycee1 Says:


    I am Stacey from the UK. Just want to say that what you are doing in your area is great.

    I like the idea that you are proposing. The idea of ‘E-Goverance’. This will be great as the area of ICT is vast and has beneficial ongoing developments.

    • gshah Says:

      Thank you Stacy for your views. I would appreciate more of your suggestions and opinions for development of E-governance project in Nepal.

  4. kaushal Says:

    its good to hear nepal will have this kind of progress.

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