CPN-U finds both Prez, PM at fault

May 12, 2009

KATHMANDU, May 11: Communist Party of Nepal (United) has pointed that both the prime minister and the president committed mistakes on the issue of action against the Army Chief.

Making public the party´s central committee meeting´s decision on Monday, party leaders said the prime minister committed a blunder by violating mandatory provision for acquiring all-party consensus while taking crucial decisions like action against the Army Chief.

“The president also violated the constitution by directly sending a letter to army headquarters,” party leader Chandra Dev Joshi said. “The president should have written the letter to the prime minister if he wanted to stay the decision.”

Leaders of Communist Party of Nepal (United) at a press meet in Kathmandu on May 11. 

The party has not yet decided whom to support for forming a new ruling coalition. “We will support an alliance with clear commitment to solving the country´s important issues like federalism and forward-looking transformation,” said Joshi.

The party has formed a five-member panel headed by Sunil Manandhar to discuss the issue of formation of new government. The panel includes Kalpana Rana, Jaydev Joshi, Madan Mohan Chaudhari and Ganesh Shah.

Joshi also refuted reports about the party supporting the Maoist-led alliance. “Maoist leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha called us to discuss current political issues but spread a rumor that we have supported them,” said Joshi. “It is totally false.”


2 Responses to “CPN-U finds both Prez, PM at fault”

  1. abhinav Says:

    government should be formed only under maoist.united should nt support uml led alliance.either should support madhesis leadership or maoist.makuney lai support diye party pachutaono parchha.

  2. BIBEK Says:

    Mr Ganesh Shah, who will believe this bullshit? Why are you using this golmaal language. Why don’t you either go with the President’s move or the cabinet decision of which your party was a partner. you guys are in the CA by default. Do you think you would ever win election — forget about becoming minister. But there you were! in the CA and the government.

    That a big irony and the pity of this so-called democracy.

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