My name is Ganesh Shah. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade but I have been in politics and social service for over 20 years.


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  1. Basant Giri Says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for being appointed as a minister of Env Sci and Technology of Nepal. I didn’t know your background before and I am please to know that you are from Engineering field. This means you know the importance of science and technology for the development of Nation and you better understand the importance of Env. I don’t expect you will drastically change the status of Science and Technology in Nepal because this is coalition government and its main job is to make new constitution but in the mean time you can formulate and purpose at least Science and Technology policy of the country.

    Many of my friends in abroad who are doing their MS and PhD really want to go back to Nepal and work and live in our own land. I hope you will do something to open a way for us to go to Nepal.

  2. Dear

    Congratulations and good wishes as a new minister. Recently, i gone through an article on u about ‘ Bloger: minister of science and dream’ and inspired me to write. earlier as well, I read about you and your invitation to write/send email(s) at your contact address. But I was thinking ‘you are also the same “Mantri” joined Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology just for ‘mantri kan” as the earlier minister did.

    I am very much impressed and inspired from you and your contribution you made earlier as a JT under NARC.

    The purpose of this email also to inform you that I have initiated a publication of newspaper ” Krishi Patrika” could be in your NAST library. This newsletter is a first of its kind among over 5,000 publishing media in Nepal. I need your support to sustain this newspaper. please try to find few minutes to discuss on this issue.
    An e-copy is attached for your kind information, please send your details and/or contact us at your convenience.


    Rameshwar Singh Pande
    Editor, Krishi Patrika
    Chabahil-7, PO Box 10245, Kathmandu. NEPAL
    Tel: 4460861, 2073639, 9841345082

  3. Prof.Dr. Kedar Man Shrestha Says:

    Congratulation on being appointed as the minister of Environment, Science and Technology in Nepal. I am glad that your background is from Science and Technology area. I am sure that as a minister of Environment Science and Technology you will be able to uplift our nation by using our national human resource in the field of science and technology irrespective of caste, party affiliation and other pressure.It is to be mentioned that development of our nation is possible only if we can develop in the field of science and technolgy. Development in science and technology is possible only if we can educate our school children in school science education from the very begining of their education.We have not been able to develop our nation simply because the responsible political authorities and government authorities rely extremely biaslly only on the party cadres.They forget that there are napali honest citizen who are more capable to carry out national development works but are not affiliated to any political party.
    I am sure on your tenure of responsibility as a minister of Environment Science and Technology you will be able to move forward in the national development work.

    With best wishes
    Prof. Dr. Kedar Man Shrestha

  4. Devi P. Bhandari,Ram Pd Subedi, R Shrestha...... Says:

    Congratulation honarable minister,G. Shah!
    We are really impressed by your commendable initiation to listion to our voices, views and versions via a this blog. As you know science and technology has been a rather neglected area in govt secctor. Hundreds of technocrats are working at different capacities in various government institutions despite the miserable working situations. we the chemists at Department of mines and geology are suffering no less than the other chemist. We are not only taken as subsidiary staffs but also under valued or rather devaluated by the department and whole govt bodies at large. We are generating vital analytical information which no doubt has great significant particularly in the development of geo-industries.We are working in chemical with full of chemical hazards-with no hazard allowances,with little or no safety equipmenrs and with no appretiation or evaluation from the department. we feel happy to put our grievances to you your honorable and we are confident that you will take necessary steps to motivate all the chemist working at various gvt orgs.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Chemist-from DMG.
    Thank you.

  5. HomJyoti Says:

    Honorable minister,
    Best wishes for your success as a minister of environment, science and technology.
    I am feeling happy to see your blog as a minister. This is a very appreciable part from your side; you have at least opened a door to make voice listen. It is indeed very much appreciable.
    Being a student of environmental science, I am much concerned towards the role you can play for building a livable (at least !) environment within our pristine and beloved country. There are many things that are left to be done relating environment improvement of our nation. In our country, especially in Kathmandu, it needs no any specialized knowledge for someone to acknowledge that the city is ‘extremely ‘polluted. Everyone can feel pollution almost every corner of the city. The issue of air pollution can be felt when one goes out of home for every day work. The scene of horrible waste disposal can be badly seen anytime at any corner of the city. If one cannot see it, bitter (not only bad) smell can trench through his nose deep into his lungs. Our sacred river Bagmati has been already converted into Sewerage River.
    Amidst these horrible situations, there are some of the bright illuminations happening inside our country’s boundary. Many energetic, bright-minded students of environmental science with enormous potential (if are handled properly) have been produced by the nation in recent subsequent years. But unfortunately, these sources of extreme potential that can uplift our environmental scenario to a respectable level are neglected and left unconcerned by the mainstream body of the country. Many of these potentials are struggling in these days being depraved of any channelization that can provide them an opportunity to make change for the environment in nation. Therefore, the time has come to you honorable minister, take help from and contribute helping these bright young people. It will be a long term benefit for you, the students, the nation and our whole community.
    How can you help and take immense benefit from these energetic students. First and foremost is to create space as a job that can sustain the basic livelihood of the product of this field. When one has basic requirement of life only then he can think of any good to society. At one hand, there is requirement of space as job for these products, while at the other hand there are immediate things needed to be done for improving environment of the country, at least Kathmandu city. There are virtually all the parts of environment being spoiled and it is always good to start with any of these.
    Again, I wish for your prosperous days as minister of environment so that you can help not only the family that are dependent upon you but also a large family of environmental graduates who are struggling with finding their way out to lead the nation for the betterment of environment as well as large family of our nation who are willing to see a change, a big change for the good of many

    Wish you a happy time,

    HomJyoti Adhikari

  6. gshah Says:

    Dear All,
    Thank you everyone for the wishes. I appreciate and agree with your opinions.
    I would request you to visit my Ministry with the proposals in the form of ppt or other demostratable form and demostrate to the concerned person in my presence.
    Kindly arrange the appointment prior via email “”.

    Ganesh Shah

  7. Pratibedan Baidya Says:

    It’s nice to see that a Nepali minister is operating a blog site at a time when most of the ministers are not familiar with the information and technology. I really feel proud to be a Nepali citizen after reading the contribution of Shah. I wish all the best in Shah’s future endeavours.

  8. NRN-USA Says:

    I never came across a blog by a minister of Nepal. You are an informed citizen and an educated one and this is unusual for a minister of Nepal since usually it is the party affiliation that matters in such appoinments. The task ahead is not easy for you because unlike the usual illiterate ministers (forgive me,if I am being cynical), you have a vision for the country in capacity of your post. Your work to start a blog to seek opinion is also laudable. I have to congratulate you on this front since this is something exclusively reserved for developed democratic nations.
    However, what you can achieve and can get through these blogs is insignificant. This is not to undermine your current efforts. Instead, what I am implying is that you have to strive beyond the blogs to seek some real, pragmatic solutions and advices instead of general congratulations and opinions that you would get here. I urge you to establish direct connections with the specialists in this field. People with a sound background like yours with all your experience and expertise can do this. Also, reach out to the graduates of the country. Make connections with the university and hire the best minds, something what Japanese government did during their developmental period(after WW II) that led to their economic boom. You might have to take in charge and be slightly authoritative initially to steer this field in the right direction.

  9. Sagun Says:

    Dear Honorable Minister Shah,
    Congratulations for being appointed as a minister. Congratulations on using an open source (FOSS) application to blog. We have been working through FOSS Nepal Community to promote the use of Free and Open Source Software since last 4 years and we feel really good to see a minister using FOSS.

    Apart from FOSS we are also involved in telecenter movement in Nepal. We have been working with organizations like wireless Nepal (Mahabir Pun), Help Nepal and Madan Puraskar Pustakalya on taking telecenters and FOSS together.

    I think it would be inspirational to all of FOSS activists in Nepal and around the world if we could read some articles on your views on FOSS and economic development that can be achieved using FOSS.


  10. Nabaraj Pokhrel Says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for being appointed as a minister of Env Sci and Technology of Nepal

    I was impressed from your speech in Fifth National Conference of Science and Technology.

    Our Prime minister and you were committed to bright future of scientist of Nepal.

    But may scientist especially Microbiologist (M. Sc. Microbiology) are getting depressed day by day due to not getting suitable job

    Your Ministry must invite them and use them for the development of this country. Definitely, they will tell how they contribute for the development of New Nepal

    Best of Luck

  11. Rishi Acharya Says:

    Ganesh Sir
    I wish you all the best these days I’m in Australia, Sydney. It is very short so I can’t tell you and I lost your email so I try to communicate you through your blog pls reply me
    Rishi Acharya
    25 Barton street, Sydney

  12. Binay Says:

    Dear Ganesh sir

    I am proud to be a Nepali now because of you…go ahead..other will follow you. Be honest to Nepal and Nepali. Be an example to other politician…one more thing just see the technical team you have within your ministry…can they lead other technical people? are they really really technically qualified to be there?


  13. Dr. Birendra Mishra Says:

    Dear Ganesh Sir

    I dont like to repeat the word of congratulation. Just I want to say- Your interest and your quality may do somethings better in the field of sciences and technology. But you need to work hard and also plz make collabration with the young nepalese scientist those are staying in nepal or outside of nepal or internationally accepted scientists. If you want to make some plan then plz leave the questions in your blog and ask for the suggestions from related field. This may give you better impact on planning.Plz be honest and kick out the BHRAST, CHAPLUS, NATABAD and Jatiyatabad. Good luck

    Dr. Birendra Mishra

  14. Meg Infiorati Says:

    I commend you on your objectives of managing and decreasing the levels of pollution in Nepal.
    I have a business management bachelors degree, an organizational management masters degree and am completing my PhD in organizational psychology. I have worked for several large well known companies such as IBM and Motorola. I also have been engaged as an independent consultant on business process improvement issues.
    I am offering my management services to you, complimentary, if you are interested in assistance with the planning, implementation, monitoring, and updating of projects, both short term and long term.
    I have been providing seminars on planning for natural and man-made disasters in Nepal and find that while I work with individuals, who fully understand possibilities, but implementation rarely follows.
    If you are interested, please do not hestitate to contact me at the email address which accompanied this posting.
    Meg Infiorati

  15. min kadel Says:

    dear ganesh sir , how are you ? iam min kadel from kathmandu . iam proud of you . all the best you ministy time .i hope to you environment secter is better .iwish to you all the best .how do you think about biodiversity ?
    dear sir . ihave worked in tourism secter this time and studing also.dear idont like repeat the this word of thanks .just i would like to say. your job is good ithink better for environment. iam proud of you . iwas impresed you speech in radisson hotel function .i think brought future environmental cecter in nepal . dear sir , iwant start foundation in nepal help for environmental . how can i do? how can isatart sir ?
    plese sir mail me
    min kadel

  16. minkadel Says:

    dear ,sir iam min kadel how are you . iwould like requested plese support your ministry time new vision environmental and technologies center . ihave no dout you ministerpolicy is bad . i like your sppech in radisson hotel hydro hydro power function . new nepal good ministercome .dear sir , how canido this ?environmental work in nepal .you have any poilicy promote environmental cecter youth? plese makegood policy ? i think your ministry time is bright future in nepal in environmental cecter
    thank your support
    min kadel

  17. min kadel Says:

    hi dear sir how are you . i think are you busy this time . iam looking your bright work in environmental and bio cecter . how about your policy? i think your policy is better our country . every one support need to be help . iam suupot your policy . dear minister sir , ples accepted your new nepal ca environmental policy and and support bio gas , hydro power etc also animal rights
    min kadel radisson hotel kathnmandu

  18. आनन्दराज खनाल Says:

    मन्त्रीज्यू नमस्कार
    अस्ति मोबाइल एसोसिएसन अफ नेपालले आयोजना गरेको कार्यक्रममा भेट्न पाउदा खुशी लाग्यो। नेपालमा सूचना तथा सञ्चार प्रबिधिको बिकासमा कतै मेरो भूमिका देख् नु भयो भने म त्यसकालागि सदा तत्परछु्

  19. ekendra Says:

    Really nice to read a blog from country’s leader. Be it a minister or not, that shall not affect your this form of blogging.
    Hoping to read more from you in days to come by.

  20. Ramesh K BK Says:

    Bastabma Nepalma pani technology ko 6etrama awaj uthaune kohi 6a vane Hajur nai ho tapailai mero sir nihurai pranam tapaiko barema dherai pa6i janna paye khusi lagyo ma Kanchanpur bata

  21. nepal rahe nepali rahanchhan. so congratulation sir………together we CAN

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